'tis not the meat but the appetite that makes eating a delight
for shame you pretty female elves, cease for to candy up yourselves.
the little voice of choice
Fast life at half pace
the fifth effect
The 5 amendments.
The third oblivion.
'Leonard by Leonard'
Ist Proverb. he who steps on others to get to the top must apologise on the way back down.
Raven Law. (Did you ruffle some feathers today?)
Second Proverb: 13:9 “The best defense against a gun is no guns.”
The Mist.
Transmatic tangent theorem
step out of your square and into someone's circle
What do you run toward and away from at the same time?
The first amendment
'Pherophone - "pher-o-phone" v. The mechanical attraction between animal and phone.'
Sweet nothings.
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